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HCI technology (open)

Further source on design and programming is available at Resource Page on
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Arduino Troubleshooting arduino  
condebender arduino an online code editor for Arduino 
connecting arduino and processing arduino send and receive data between arduino and processing arduino More focused on DIY culture 
KAIST mooc on Engineering arduino  
motor shield arduino How to use motor shield 
가치창조기술 판매처 위키 arduino 제품 참고 자료 및 기본 강좌 
아두이노 한글 강좌 arduino 스터디메이크 
한글 강좌; L293D – 모터드라이브 실드 익스팬션 보드 arduino Motor Drive Shield Expansion Board 
KinectPV2 (works with Kinect v.2) kinect processing library (works with Kinect v.2) 
Microsoft Kinect with Processing kinect  
openNI kinect processing library 
Programming for Kinect 4 kinect tutorial on skelecton with OPenNI 2.0 
simple-openni kinect a simple OpenNI and NITE wrapper for Processing 
Changes between 3.0 and 2.0 processing must read 
form+code in design, art, and architecture by Casey Reas processing  
ipcapture processing Processing library for MJPEG stream acquisition from IP cameras 
the nature of code by Daniel Shiffman processing  
Showing 18 items