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The Final Assessment Criteria

posted Sep 30, 2017, 12:27 AM by Yonggeun Kim
Dear all, 

Please read the assessment criteria carefully to complete your project. 

If you are still in trouble to fix either the way how Arduino works or its number of functions it is time to fix it. My suggestion is simple. Make it simple and easy not to yourself but for the users. Make your decision by yourself and be ready to explain why it is supposed to be in that way in the viewpoint of your user. 

Secondly, you are required to fill up the final submission form.  In doing so please review your projet page carefully. It must be a good tutorial for the other people who will try the same thing with you. So it must be precise and detailed with the step-by-step procedure. While you are writing up this tutorial you will learn again what you've done this semester. 
If your tutorial on is not compliance with this instruction it will deduct your marks.  

Hope your very good luck and thanks for reading. 

Yonggeun Kim