week 10. Arduino 5; Extended III

What is serial communication?

Serial communication is a channel between Arduino and other platforms. As you have experienced before, Arduino can broadcast what is going on inside its system. Simply Arduino can tell something to us. This is possible because serial monitor delivers the data to us in visible form, usually in alphanumerical formats such as numbers and words. So the question is what will happen if we can build another pair of the system to where Arduino sends a message. So this is a basic concept of serial communication. 

Let Arduino talk to another system (such as Processing on PC or other hardware), and the other side too. Then there will be a communication. 

Based on this idea teach yourself about serial communication on Arduino and complete your assignment from tinkercad. And as usual, provide your solution on progress monitoring page. 

You're required to study from the give pages as below. 
  1. Tutorial
    1. Lab: Intro to Asynchronous Serial Communications
    2. Lab: Serial Output from an Arduino to Processing
  2. Assignment
    1. Modify the given circuit (explanation@youtube) as the diagram below. 
    2. Algorithm
      1. Map the angle of the servo motor to the temperature. The minimum temperature will turn the angle of servo into 0 degrees. The maximum temperature will turn the angle of servo into 180 degrees. 
    3. Update the week 10 column on Student Progress Monitoring page. (if you didn't finish the assignment for week9, complete them too)