interaction design


MMA2013, Mon 14:00 ~ 17:00


To acquaint the students with techniques of human computer interface design, while introducing students to the concepts, principles, methods, and tools of the field.

Learning Outcome

  1. Comprehend the basic principles of ergonomics that provide grounding for interaction design,
  2. Makes use of usability concepts in appreciating, using and building interactive solutions for a range of applications
  3. Appreciate human computer interaction theory, practice and set of design approaches.
  4. Displays competence in designing interactive digital products, environment, systems, and services.

Assessment Method

  • Lab Experiments : 20%
  • Assignment : 40% (includes classroom test results)
  • Final Exam : 40%


  • Be puntual. PLEASE. 
    Else you will have a concequence. Being late will be regarded as a misbehaviour. 
  • No foods are allowed in the classroom. (except drinks without strong smell)
  • Conversations will be made only in discussion-based manner. Stay focused either listening or speaking. 
  • Students are not customers. So are you.
  • Consultation is possible only after e-mail appointment. Check availability on exosomatics.com