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Notice on final assignment (with forthcoming schedule)

posted Sep 26, 2016, 10:02 PM by Yonggeun Kim   [ updated Sep 26, 2016, 10:18 PM by Yonggeun Kim ]

Academic Evaluation on Camsys

Dear all students, 

This is a checklist for your final submission. You ought to review your assignments (ball control, UI component, final assignment) based on this notice.
  1. Individual assignments (ball control, UI component)
    • Submission 
      • Only the submissions made through Github is valid. 
        • Your Github address must be submitted via students page.
        • Your PDE file should be inside a folder whose name is as same as your PDE file. (this is Processing IDE convention) 
        • Each PDE file has to have your submission information as below. 
          1. Your name 
          2. Your student ID 
          3. The name of your submission (either ball control or Ui component) 
  2. Team assignment 
    1. Final assignment is a team project with minimum 2 and maximum 3 students. 
    2. Submission 
      1. Only the submissions made through Github is valid. 
      2. You have to form your team in github organization. (
      3. Your repository required to have file in its root directory as a landing page. 
      4. file should follow the template from this page (
        1. file is markdown format. For more information on this format visit here.
      5. All the team members has be shown from the repository graphs page with their understandable contributions. ex) 
    3. Documentation guideline 
      1. [compulsory] Before you start your documentation you must read the article first.
        1. on goal oriented design
        2. on scenario and framework design
      2. Approaches 
        1. The goal of this document is not the final result. The goal is to understand user-centric approach in the process of designing interaction. So you are required to remember this basic priorities. 
          • discussion than output 
            • New or life-changing innovation is not required. The document has to show in-depth discussion and consideration about user behavior and his/her environment. 
          • kindness than functionality 
            • The document must show that the project is kind and friendly to user. 
            • The kindness of software should be enabled by the robustness and feasibility in its technological realization. 
          • User than creator 
            • You. creator is in service to help user to reach their goal in better way. Your solutions should be based on the findings that user couldn't notice how to solve. 
          • service than art 
            • User's convenience and their behaviour is more important and valuable that your intention.
          • Outlines with complete sentence 
            • Please avoid to make your explanation in paragraphs.
      3. Submission 
        1. due; 9am on September 28th
        2. No e-mail or submission process is required. 
          I will check team repo in Github organization 9 am onwards. 
  3. Forthcoming schedule
    1. week 15 Coursework revision
      1. All the students are required to have their discussion via online first and then let me know the confirmed date and time. 
      2. Confirm the date and time by yourself. The venue will be studio 2016. 
      3. Available time 
        1. Date; 5, 6, 7 (Wed ~ Fri) on September
        2. Time; 9am ~ 6pm, except lunch hour (11am ~ 1:30pm) 
        3. Minimum 2 hours is required to have final revision. 
      4. If there is no confirmation contact to me by Tuesday (September 5th) the final revision will be automatically cancelled.