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week 02. Github 01


  • At the end of the lecture you are expected to be able to answer for the following questions.
    1. What is Git and Github for?
    2. What can we do with this service or software?
    3. What are the terms to know for using GitHub?
    4. How can you upload your own project to GitHub?
    5. How can you find and follow other cool project on Github?


Due to nation-wide holiday the lecture in week 2 will be replaced with online learning material. 

The lecture will be given through office mix, an online platform to share Microsoft Powerpoint slides with additional interactive feature such audio recordings and online quiz. 

So you are required to sign up this service to view the online class in this week.
  1. Sign up Office 365 account
    1. To get Office 365 account, visit here and follow the instruction with your MMU mail account.
      • You can access your MMU e-mail from here with the following information
        • ID;
        • Password; Your MMLS system password
      • Attention
        • Sign up Office 365 account with your real name. Nicknames or shorted forms will not help me to identify yourself.
  2. Sign in your office 365 account in another tap within this browser. 
  3. If you can see the slides below you are ready to start learning. 
  4. The class material below will be updated on July 4th. The current one is for testing purpose only. 

Learning Material

The current version is the final version. If you have have difficulty to watch the slides below visit here.